What to Make of Miller's Speech?

The latest from the Political Grapevine:

What to Make of Miller's Speech?
Zell Miller's (search) speech last night went over badly not only with Democrats, but much of the media. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee called it, "obnoxious, hate filled, caustic ... wild-eyed, [and] vicious," adding, "Zell Miller is a self aggrandizing old curmudgeon."

Time Magazine's Joe Klein called it, "angry... [and] ugly."

And The Wall Street Journal's Al Hunt said, "[Miller] was passionate when he was a racist 30 years ago ... and now he's passionate as a Republican."

Hunt was referring to the fact that Miller once worked for Georgia's axe-handle wielding segregationist Governor, Lester Maddox, something national media never mentioned as long as Miller was a loyal Democrat.

Majority Matters?
A new poll shows that, leading into his convention speech tonight, a majority of Americans now approve of President Bush's job performance, with 53 percent saying that, up three percentage points from a month ago.

What's more, the National Annenberg Election Survey shows that a majority of so-called "persuadable" voters approve of the president's job performance. In addition, a majority of Americans approve of the president's handling of the War on Terrorism.

But only a minority approve of his handling the economy.

A "$40 Million Memory"?
John Kerry's presidential campaign has accused Swift Boat Veteran For Truth William Schachte of having a, "$40 million memory," insisting Schachte is only now criticizing Kerry because Schachte, a lawyer "of counsel" in the DC firm Blank Rome, won a federal contract from the Bush Administration for a client.

Schachte's name appears on a list of six Blank Rome attorneys who lobby for the client, and Kerry's campaign has noted that the chairman of Blank Rome and another partner work for the Bush campaign.

But Schachte insists he had nothing to do with the contract, has never met Blank Rome's chairman or the other partner, and, what's more, hasn't done any work for Blank Rome in a couple of years. He says the Kerry Campaign is, "looking to do anything to smear my name."

Flag Taken Hostage
An American flag flying atop the Brooklyn Bridge has been stolen, and protesters are threatening to burn it unless, "all jailed RNC protesters" are freed.

The protesters, in a message on indymedia.org, also call for the resignations of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, FBI Director Robert Mueller, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, and President Bush.

Police are investigating the kidnapping. Meanwhile, a new American flag has been placed atop the bridge.

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report