What to Do With Misguided Americans

Wendy, I'm withholding her last name, who lives in Michigan, wrote me an e-mail Wednesday night, saying:

"O'Reilly, out of all the hate groups in America, you go after Ward Churchill (search) who speaks the truth. Have you read the real history of the USA? Attacks on this country, verbal or violent, are the results of hundreds of years of not minding our manners."

Now as we mentioned Wednesday, about 10 percent of Americans feel the way this woman does, that's 30 million people. The question, how do you handle these folks? In your personal life you should walk away. Don't bother trying to convince Wendy of anything. There's no way anyone is going to change their point of view because it's irrational. Stay away from irrational people. It's always good advice.

But statements from anti-American people should be confronted in the arena of ideas. Anyone thinks the USA is a bad country should be directed to cemeteries all over Europe, all over the Pacific Islands and memorials in South Korea and scores of other countries attesting to the fact that brave Americans died defending people from terrible villains. That's real history.

No country on this planet has freed more human beings than the USA. That's real history. America is not a perfect place, but it is a place that respects human life and freedom.

Let's take Vietnam, for example. Extremists like Jane Fonda (search) and Ward Churchill condemned U.S. action there, but when I visited in 1992, scores of South Vietnamese came up to me saying how much they despised the communist government.

And indeed, almost a million Vietnamese were put into concentration camps after the U.S. left. And two million people were murdered by the communist government in neighboring Cambodia.

America was in Vietnam to prevent the spread of communism, which is a brutal form of government. Right now, the USA is facing another brutal evil, terrorism. And people like Wendy and Churchill are rooting for the terrorists. There's something morally wrong with that position. So again, it must be confronted and condemned by loyal Americans.

One more thing, Craig Silverman in Denver sent us a newspaper article dated January 18, 1987. In that article, The Denver Post says that Ward Churchill taught the Weathermen terrorist group how to make bombs and how to fire weapons, which those people did in the late 1960's.

If that's true, Churchill has even more problems and the FBI should step up its investigation. Hating your country is one thing. Training people to kill Americans is quite something else.

We're a tolerant society here, but some things cannot be tolerated.

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

The United Nations (search) is often ridiculous and here's more proof.

The U.N. has a Human Rights Commission and the countries of Cuba and Zimbabwe are on it. So is Saudi Arabia. Now this may be a bit confusing for those in Castro's political prisons and for those who have their property seized by Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Also, the women of Saudi Arabia who pretty much can't do anything might be a little perplexed by the U.N. Human Rights Commission.

But we're not. We know it's ridiculous.

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