What the Rest of the World Watches

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The video clips you can see here are horrifying, even though the scenes are staged by actors. If there are kids around, send them out of the room. I'm not a big believer in shock TV, but in this case it's important to see what the rest of the world is watching.

The clips come from a 29-part series on the history of the Jews that was produced in Syria and aired in Lebanon and on Arab satellite TV. The series purports to show ritual sacrifices involving Orthodox Jews killing children and other innocents in fulfillment of bizarre religious obligations. Of course, the Nazis produced similar films in the '30s and '40s. And perhaps it's no coincidence that the Socialist Bath Party of Syria was founded by Nazi collaborators in the 1940s.

But whatever the background of those who produced the film, a great effort is being made to broadcast it throughout the world. According to the Middle East Media Research Institute (search), which provided us with excerpts of the film and its translation, the series cost over $5 million to make, and the producers plan to translate it into Hebrew, English and Farsi.

It has already been widely shown and those who worked on it have been interviewed in countries inside and outside the Arab world. In one such interview with a Saudi outlet, the film's scriptwriter calls it "a scientific step in the direction of the peace process." We report, you decide.

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