What? No Martyrdom?

If they're all suicide bombers (search), why do they all just turn themselves in?

I guess I'll never know. But with the incredible round up of the alleged perpetrators of the London attacks, you have to ask yourself: Where's their martyrdom?

They can convince others to blow themselves up, maybe even unwittingly. But when it comes to dying for a cause, not them, not now.

I wonder how those attackers who've given their lives up would feel about the organizers who simply turned themselves in? That the guys calling the shots would never shoot themselves. Sure, they bark the orders, but heaven — or Allah forbid — carry out the orders.

It's interesting that the evil we so fear in our lives tends to value something more: Hanging on to their own lives.

I'm sure, somewhere, in some hell, some suicide bomber is shaking his head and asking, "Doesn't that just kill ya?"

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