What Makes a Marriage Last?

Fit, cut , hot — and for brawny guys, it for girls.

This latest UCLA study on what draws women to men confirms what we've all known all along: You look good to the ladies, you do more than good with the ladies.

For a while.

Because apparently a fling is one thing, a lifetime together is quite another. The brawny invariably seen as more volatile and alas, more expendable.

It correlates nicely with a study out last week that showed while women would have a very tough time dating a short guy, that could change in a New York minute if said shorty earned a good salary.

I've seen similar studies of men's preferences for women. The hot ones they might think twice bringing home to mom, they have no trouble bringing home for a night. But for a long-term relationship, she better pass the "mom test." Or, I guess if you're Prince William, the "grandma test" — reports say the queen is not overly enthused by his gal pal.

I'm not smart enough to know the secret, just the wisdom of a couple just celebrating — get this — 75 years of marriage.

When asked the secret of their longevity, the guy said, "She's always been my best friend."

She smiled, adding only, "And he made me laugh."

And both were quite good looking, I might add.

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