What Independence Really Means

This being Independence Day, let's consider for a moment what that means for you.

You're independent to do what you want. Eat what you want. Drink as much as you want.

You're independent to screw up your life or lead a very exemplary life. It's your call — your choice — your country. Your God-given right to make of your time on Earth what you want on this earth.

What people forget is that key to the word independence is no dependence on anything or anyone to save you…from yourself.

You're not dependent on a government to rescue you or a bureaucracy to coddle you or a program to steer you.

No, in this country "you" guide "you."

Now if this seems a little strange, it should — because that was the idea. It's far from the reality.

There are those among us convinced what we cannot get ourselves maybe the government can get for us. So we become a little less independent and a lot more dependent on programs that cheapen our soul than challenge our spirit.

And, with each protection granted, another independent verve slips. And we ask for more, and consider of ourselves less.

This Independence Day it would be wise to remember what our forefathers envisioned: A country of rebellious, zealous, over-achieving individualists, more inclined to dictate their own fortunes than have a government squander everyone else's.

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