What If Washington Moved to a Golf Course?

You know what I like about golf?

And this is coming from someone who is not a golfer.

It's a great unifier.

Take what's happening here.

Comedians like George Lopez sharing the links with CEOs like AT&T's Randall Stephenson.

Let's just say, something you don't see every day.

Democrats with Republicans.

Hollywood elite with business elite.

Oh, sure, there's the occasional angry outburst, but it has more to do with a bad round than going round on issues.

Jack Welch used to tell me it's the camaraderie of the game, regardless how you play the game.

I guess it's why so many deals are done on a golf course.

Maybe more people are open to them.

Me? I've never quite gotten it.

But covering more than my share of tournaments, I have seen it.

And it makes me wonder.

What if Washington just moved its business here?

On a golf course.

I'm sure a lot of them would love it, of course....rarely have I seen a congressman not enjoy a good round, especially if someone else is paying.

But I digress.

If, for a few hours, they could focus on driving home some good shots instead of just taking potshots, wouldn't that be a good thing?

I don't know. All I do know is that I've seen the weirdest teams of players here...guys you'd think would hate each other...slapping the backs of each other.

Maybe kidding about their games, but certainly not carping about their flaws.

We could do worse.

Ronald reagan and Tip O'Neill used to be best buds, I'm told.

Argue in public, but kid with each and get stuff done in private.

I don't know if they ever golfed together.

But something tells me they'd have a good time together.

Maybe John McCain's got it all wrong. He's spent so much time trying to woo conservatives... maybe he should just play a round of golf with them.

I hear Rush Limbaugh's pretty good.

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