What If...

What would happen if terrorists got no publicity?

What would happen if we showed no fear? If we went about our lives, even as they're intent on destroying our lives?

What if we just continued shopping? Continued eating out?

If we still bought stocks? And still took our kids to ballgames?

If we still laughed? And still joked?

Still gathered? And still prayed?

If we stayed upbeat when they'd want us "just" beat?

What would happen if we didn't focus on them, or care about them, or dwell on the horrors by them?

That we'd protect ourselves. But wouldn't stop ourselves from living, from enjoying, from doing the things that make us great and make them nuts.

What if we took away from them the one thing that they cannot live without: Fear.

You know, they say great Western societies can be brought down by terror. But the terror for terrorists is when we're not terrorized.

I would relish the moment we tell the scum of the earth that we prefer to be the salt of the earth. That doesn't mean we stop fighting. It does mean we continue living.

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