What Happened 15 Years Ago Today

He hadn't been president very long.

Terror attacks seemed like something that happened over there. Not over here.

Yet it did happen here.

And killed people here.

No, I'm not talking 9/11, or President Bush.

I'm talking 2/26, and another fairly new president, Bill Clinton.

Fifteen years ago. Today.

February 26th, 1993.

The World Trade Center.

A 1,500-pound bomb meant to knock the North Tower onto its twin, and the schemers hoped, bring down both, maybe taking 250,000 lives in the process.

It didn't happen that way.

Something went wrong.

Still, six people were killed, and 1,042 were injured.

And authorities that day talked about how they dodged a huge catastrophe that day.

They did. That day.

Until we moved on from that day, almost forgot about that day, and the unpleasantness of terror that day.

Never realizing that the al Qaeda forces that planned that day would continue to plan another day.

So they set to work.

As we blithely went back to work.

Back to our lives, as those who wished us ill, thought up another way to end our lives.

We forgot.

They did not.

We moved on from 2/26. And so did they.

To another date.

But the same place.

And this time, with very different results.

Funny thing, time.

How quickly we forget.

How quickly others do not.

And never will.

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