What do Marion Jones and Senator Larry Craig Have in Common?

They are both selfish. Ms. Jones and the senator did not do the right thing because they are only thinking about themselves.

First, the Olympian: At the Sydney Australian games in 2000, Miss Jones won three gold matters, two bronze in the track competition. This, of course, led to millions of dollars in endorsements for her. But over the years, suspicions grew about drug use concerning her. She denied it:


MARION JONES, OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST: I never have, I never will, I've been blessed with an incredible amount of talent. My work ethic is second to none. And I don't feel the need to take any performance enhancing drugs.


But now, Marion Jones says she did indeed use illegal drugs to enhance her performance. She faces two felony charges. And after seven years, she's finally admitting that she cheated.

Think about the other athletes whom she beat. They suffered greatly to get in shape to compete at that level. And they were cheated by Marion Jones.

The International Olympic Committee has to re-award the medals in those races. Jones is out. Everybody else has to move up.

And then, there's Senator Craig. Only two people in the world know what happened in the Minneapolis men's restroom, Craig and the cop who arrested him. Unless that officer recants his sworn testimony, Craig will always be under a cloud. Thus, there is no reason for the senator to continue in office.

A month ago, he said he resigned, but now he's changed his mind. Why? He's not running for re-election in 2008. The Republican Party wants him out. And the late night comedians continue to pound him.

The country is not better for having Craig in the Senate. That's for sure. And his continued visibility must be very tough on his family.

Now what drives both Ms. Jones and the senator is selfishness. Jones wanted fame and money, Craig wants to keep his power. Even though other people around them are getting hurt, they would not do the right thing.

Every human being does bad things. All of us are sinners, but there comes a time to own up and right the wrongs. But Americans aren't taught that any more in school. And the media glorifies greed. As Michael Douglas said in the movie "Wall Street": greed is good.

No, it's not. Selfishness harms a person and a nation. The cases of Marion Jones and Larry Craig prove that beyond a reasonable doubt.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads and Patriots

Earlier this week, we made Senator Barack Obama a pinhead for appearing on soft venues like Tyra Banks while avoiding many broadcasts which would challenge him. Now the Senator has entered the 'no pin' zone. He says he will not wear a flag lapel pin anymore:


BARACK OBAMA (D), SENATOR: I decided I won't wear that pin my chest. Instead, I am going to try to tell the American people what I believe will make this country great and, hopefully, that will be a testimony to my patriotism.


So, is that a patriot or a pinhead stance? You decide this one. Our new billoreilly.com poll asks: "Do you care if a politician wears a flag lapel pin" and we will give you the results next week in the "Pinheads & Patriots" segment. So, you're going to make the call on Obama in this one.

Now, on the pinhead front this evening, one of the biggest television show collapses since Geena Davis was President of the United States, remember that? "The Bionic Woman" on NBC declined 30% in the key demographic from its first episode. So there is little choice but to make "The Bionic Woman" a pinhead.

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