What Do Gay Activists Really Want?

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In the Talking Points Memo this evening, concerns about what gay activists really want.  You may have noticed a flood of gay stories this year in America.  Seems like every week there's a new controversy, such as the one we'll cover tonight, where the city of San Francisco is telling its judges they can't associate with the Boy Scouts.

Now, last night on The Factor, we spoke with two lesbian activists about a kissing protest against the New York Liberty, a women's basketball game.  What the lesbians seem to want is some kind of recognition by the team because many gay women go to the games.

The no spin on this, however, is the hidden agenda.  Talking Points believes that the root of most public displays by homosexuals is anger, anger that some Americans will not accept their lifestyle.  Rejection is never easy, but it is a part of life.  I mean, I'm the king of rejection.  More people shun me than you can count.  I understand the frustration having someone judge you harshly.

But I don't care, and that is an important key to life.  If somebody does not approve of me or my commentary, so what?  I do what I do and accept the rejection by some.

If gay people would learn that lesson, their lives would become easier.  I want every law-abiding American to have a satisfying life, I want everybody to pursue happiness.  So I don't care what you do in private as long as you're not hurting anyone.

But others, for a variety of reasons, will make judgments about private conduct.  They will condemn certain lifestyles.  But unless those people actively intrude on your pursuit of happiness and your individual rights, let it go.

If gays think they will gain acceptance by flaunting their sexuality, they're crazy.  All that does is make more people dislike them.  It is self-destructive, unclassy, and illogical.

So what these public sexual displays are really meant to do is offend people that don't like gays.  That gays don't like, I should say.  They are personal attacks on opponents of homosexuality.  That's the no spin truth of the matter.

But what many gays don't realize is that some Americans who live and let live are angered because their children are being exposed to situations far beyond their years.  And when gay activists say that's tough, that kids should be forced to deal with homosexuality at an early age, then those activists become the oppressors.  Those people become just like the homophobes they despise.

Americans have the right to live their lives without knowing about your sex life, whatever it is.  Keep private things private.  The kissing lesbians accomplished nothing, and actually hurt their cause.  You can't force someone to accept you, but you can drive away potential allies.

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The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

We haven't seen Vice President Cheney around for a while and some say it's because he doesn't want us to ask him questions about his corporate past in the wake of the scandals. But today, the vice-president surfaced in San Francisco address a local political club.  Maybe it wasn't such a good idea, being San Francisco and all. 


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Cheney is a corporate crook!



UNIDENTIFIED HECKLERS:  Cheney is a corporate crook!


O'REILLY:  Sounds like some of the debates we have here.  Ridiculous? Sure.  Hecklers usually are. 

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