While Barack Obama is in the Middle East, he brings to mind another great leader who made waves there not too long ago. That's right: Jesus Christ.

While many people think Obama draws inspiration from Jesus, I view it the other way around. I mean, what could Christ learn from Obama?

There were times when Jesus was plagued with doubt and wondered if he was up to the task. But this doesn't happen with Obama. Some call it arrogance, but I call it spiritual confidence.
Seriously, would Obama have told God, "Sorry Dad, I can't die for everyone's sins. I'd rather build canoes."

No way. Obama just says, "Bring it on, God."

Jesus also took grief for hanging with paupers, thieves, even a scorned woman. But just marvel at the way Obama stuck by a controversial life partner, as well as his pal in the Weather Underground. That's loyalty, Jesus.

And yet, Obama also knew when it was time to cut the strings, as he did with Reverend Wright. If only Jesus had done the same with Judas.

Jesus was only 33 when he died for our sins. And, aside from carpentry, what experience did he have in saving the world? Did he ever run a corporation, hold public office for many years or fight in a war? No, no and no. A Holy Trinity of no — like Obama.

But Obama is older than Jesus, he went to better schools, he can speak more languages and he did narcotics. So you could say he's been there and done that. And that's good.

Some say Jesus flip flops: On one hand he preaches forgiveness, on the other he mentions hell. But by seeing how Obama shifts beliefs to gain political advantage, you can see that all great leaders are willing to change. I mean, if you keep falling down, maybe it's time to buy a better cross.

And sure, Jesus Christ had a funny name. But, here are some other funny names: Gandhi, Confucius, Obama, Pitt. Meanwhile, here are some more common names: Koresh, Manson, Bush.

You get the picture.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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