Welcome to 'The Live Desk!'

I am very excited about this new show.

"The Live Desk" is going to be a fast-paced first half hour. I come to you straight from Control Room 4. As we say in the open: In there it is totally raw, totally unfiltered — you'll see it, as we see it. In the coming months you will see what we mean as we take you inside the action. You'll see what's coming in on our "feeds" as news breaks around the nation and the world.

The second half of the hour the action takes place as we gather around "The Live Desk." There we will discuss with our "A-List" panel some of the topics that have people talking. So far, we've taken on everything from the threats from North Korea and school violence here at home, to one man's "YouTube" resume and Angelina Jolie's overzealous bodyguard!

I hope you'll join me every day at 1 p.m. ET. I also look forward to hearing from you: send me your thoughts on "The Live Desk" or stories you'd like to see more of — even people you'd like to see on the A-List.

See you tomorrow at the "Desk."


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