Wednesday, Nov. 17: Fallujah Fallout

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Fallujah Fallout: U.S. and Iraqi forces say they’ve gained control of Fallujah (search), but with renewed fighting in the area, some military leaders are concerned that the city could become to a shrine to terrorists who’ve targeted U.S. troops. FOX News correspondent Greg Palkot reports on the latest action from the region. Plus, we’ll also talk to Jackie Spinner, a Washington Post reporter embedded with U.S. forces in Fallujah.

Oil for Terror? And there is shocking evidence that misused funds from the U.N. Oil for Food scandal may have gone straight to terrorists. FOX News correspondent Eric Shawn has the story.

Unabridged Terror: A new documentary on DVD is showing “vile and brutal” acts of terrorism that FOX and other networks won’t air. We’ll talk to the filmmaker of “Buried in the Sand: The Deception of America,” Mark Taylor.

Sports & Sex: Did you see the controversial “Desperate Housewives" (search) promo during the NFL's Monday night football? After Janet Jackson's (search) recent “wardrobe malfunction,” why does this keep happening? “Dayside” looks for answers.

Unready Reserves: Hundreds of “ready reservists” could get called to serve in Iraq, but many of them haven’t even trained in years and they’re balking. You’ll meet one of these reservists on “Dayside.”

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