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California Mudslide: The mudslide that tore through a seaside town in southern California has now killed a total of ten people. Crews are still digging through the mud looking for any sign of the 13 people who are still missing. And Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) just toured the area a short while ago. We’ll have the latest, plus, we’ll talk with Garrett Prater, a Ventura County firefighter who rescued two people from the mudslide.

Courting Disaster: It’s a critical day in court for the Michael Jackson (search) molestation trial. We’ll have a report on the lawyers arguing over the proceedings and some damning allegations.

Joey Pants: Well known as a mobster on the Sopranos (search), actor Joey Pantoliano is starring in a new movie playing a pelican running from the mob! He joins “DaySide” to tell us all about his new role.

American Idol: The next season of “American Idol” is kicking off in just a matter of days and the producers say this season won't be the same old song and dance. One of the judges, Paula Abdul will tell us all about it.

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