Weapons on Wheels: Is This the Smoking Gun?

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U.S. forces in Iraq continued Thursday to examine what they believe was a mobile weapons lab, hoping to find concrete evidence that proves Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction.

The Pentagon (search) confirmed Wednesday that a trailer found in the Iraqi desert matches the description of a mobile biological weapons laboratory.

American forces are now conducting tests to determine whether the trailer may be the "smoking gun" that proves Iraq had an ongoing program to develop weapons of mass destruction (search).

"On the smoking gun, I don't know," Under Secretary of Defense Stephen Cambone said, when asked whether this was a breakthrough in the continuing coalition search for Saddam Hussein's biological and chemical weapons.

Weapons on wheels: Is this the smoking gun?

A sample of your responses:

It's a smoking BB gun, the smoking .44 magnum is still out there, but we'll find it.
Dennis A.
Essex, CT

That's no smoking gun! It's a portable distillery and BBQ smoker - ie. a Chuck Wagon.
Gainesville, GA 

Why is the suspected bio-weapon lab being referred to as a 'smoking gun'? Since the weapon wasn't used yet, why would it be a smoking gun? It just seems odd to call it that...
Jeff D.
Melbourne, Australia

I cannot imagine what else the tractor trailer containing fermenters and driers and such could possibly be except a mobile bio-chemical lab.  One thing for sure... It isn't a Popsicle wagon.
Dick S.
Euless, TX

The WMD search is being too politicized. We need to quickly find out if the terrorists have these weapons and destroy them both.
Steve S.
Cincinnati, OH

If the nuke and bio programs themselves are illegal for them to have, then we have already found the smoking gun.
Len H.
Virginia Beach, VA

The Truck is just part of a larger cache of tools used to brew WMD that have already been found by the Special teams. The government has already found pre-cursor chemicals and enough Chemical suits and Masks and injectors to prove to anyone but a Frenchman that Saddam had WMD.
David T.
Atlanta, GA

A smoking gun is one that has just been fired - so, no, the mobile lab is not a smoking gun - it is, however, one more clue that will eventually have all the nay-sayers eating crow.
Keith H.
Clear Lake, IA

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