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Tiki Barber was playing football when I went to bed and was sitting next to me when I came to work!! This I believe is unprecedented, a player who might just be the best in the NFL in the prime of his career, also hosting a news show on an international news channel, fresh out of the NFL shower. Well, too bad he lost and good for the Jags, but for him to show up for the 6 a.m. start of "Tiki Tuesday" is surreal and laudable. He was so frustrated because this is truly his last year and read the stats he has 9 carries? Why put that pressure on Eli Manning?

As for the show it was a total departure from the normal format because we were talking Michael Richards' racist rant and the shelving of O.J. Simpson's interview and book. The apology to the Brown and Goldman family were included in News Corp. chairman's remarks outlining why he decided to pull the project.

The next Lohan superstar, Ali Lohan, guested on the show today and at 12 she has a CD out. She seemed just as passionate about her soccer team and middle school as her movie/music career, which to me is healthy.

Onto politics — turns out Hillary Clinton's expense sheet may just disturb many of her donors. The shoe-in for reelection to her N.Y. Senate seat outspent all candidates by a wide margin, withdrawing $33 million from her war chest. What did she spend it on? Advertising, yes, and valet parking, catering, transportation, consulting fees. Why? To run up the score in NY, who cares and if I was writing the checks I wouldn't feel too good today reading the expense sheet in The New York Times.

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