We Should Start Digging for Oil Here

Let's mandate gas prices.

Let's nationalize the oil companies.

Let's tax oil companies' profits.

Let's do everything but the one thing that should be done.

Search for more oil. Here.

And quit making speeches here.

I'm sick of politicians who'd rather dodge a bullet than hold the gun themselves.

And shoot at the problem.

Not avoid the problem.

Because here's the problem:

We get a lot of oil from over there.

We have a lot of oil right here.

Dig for it.


And don't tell me it's a wasted effort now.

That we won't be getting any oil until years from now.

That's the same BS you told us seven years ago when you had the opportunity to look for more oil, but you didn't. Oil we could be getting now, but we're not.

I'm not saying it's oil or nothing.

I am saying it's oil and everything.

So go ahead. Look at solar now.

Look at wind. Now.

Look at nuclear. Now.

Do it all now.

I say, jump ball now, because I've had it up to here now with using polar bears as props.

And "going green" for seeing clear.

Or fixing prices to control prices.

That'd be like me fixing my scale to read my ideal weight.

Sure saves me the effort of a diet. But it doesn't negate the need for one.

Don't you see what's going on here?

It's scapegoating. It's punting.

This isn't divide and conquer. This is divide and collapse.

I'm not saying oil alone is the answer.

I am saying getting more of that oil from here is.

As well as nuclear, and solar, and yes, even the hot air Washington knows so well.

So get to it.

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