We Know You're Watching, Mr. President

I was listening to White House press secretary Robert Gibbs on Monday as he was asked to comment on a comment by a commentator on a cable news channel — not this one. And Gibbs said something to the effect that smartly, the president does not occupy his time watching cable television.

And I thought to myself: "Then how is it he always seems very aware of the comments on cable television?" I mean, if he's not listening to any of our droning on and on, why is he always droning on about our droning on?

How did he know months back about those folks waving tea bags around? I thought only we at Fox News were covering those rallies.

And how would he be aware of the cable chatter on health care, unless he listened to some of the cable chatter on health care?

How did he know Frank Luntz on sight last week, if Frank's pretty much only on Fox News every week?

And if he doesn't bother with pundits arguing over all his spending on cable news shows, how would he even know about pundits arguing over all his spending on cable news shows?

And if he says this news network is lopsided against him -- yet he doesn't watch -- how would he know if we're lopsided or not? I mean, does his staff gather in the morning and recount all the chatter on cable TV to save the boss the trouble of watching all the chatter on cable TV?

Somehow I doubt it.

I'm not saying the president watches 24/7 cable news 24/7, but I'm willing to wager at least 24 minutes every seven, at least. How else could he know so much about what he claims he doesn't or quote slights from shows he says he doesn't watch, but I suspect he does?

How would the White House know whose cable news bookers' calls to take and not take, unless they had a pretty good take on those news outlets they liked versus those they didn't like?

It's like saying you're ending business as usual in Washington, but submitting a budget very much business as usual in Washington.

Your words say one thing; your actions say another.

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