Watergate Office Building Sold

The Watergate office building that was the site of the infamous burglary in 1972 of the Democratic National Committee (search) office has been sold.

BentleyForbes LLC (search), a Los Angeles real estate company, announced it paid $86.5 million to Trizec Properties Inc. of Chicago for the 11-story Watergate office building and 61,000 square feet of nearby retail space, The Washington Post (search) reported in Tuesday's editions.

The office tower is part of six-building Watergate complex constructed in 1960s and 1970s along the Potomac River and near the Kennedy Center.

The burglary at the Watergate set off the scandal that brought down President Nixon (search) two years later after a lengthy investigation that led to congressional hearings, prosecution of Nixon aides and eventually — Nixon's resignation in August 1974.