Washington State Deletes a Word

And now the most compelling two minutes in television, the latest from the political grapevine:

“Oriental” Offensive
The State of Washington, starting today, has eliminated the word "Oriental" from all state laws, codes and regulations. Instead, the Seattle Times reports, state officials must use the word "Asian." But what about a regulation governing Oriental rugs or Oriental medicine? Well, those references would be okay. It's just the use of the word to apply to people that's been banned. The man behind the ban, democratic state Sen. Paull Shinn, said the word is "pejorative terminology. It's offensive."

Even Literature Must Now Be PC?
And another allegedly offensive word has been struck, this time from the name of a famous work of literature. Oddsocks Productions, a British theater company, which is putting on a stage adaptation of Victor Hugo's novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame, is calling it instead The Bellringer of Notre Dame. The change was made to avoid offending people with spina bifida or other disfigurement of the spine. The original title of the French novel was actually Notre Dame de Paris, with the word hunchback added in English translations. It has been used ever since.

Chimps More Self-Aware Than Human Babies?
The man sometimes know as the godfather of animal rights says Christianity is a "problem" for the animal rights movement because it promotes "speciesism." Princeton University bioethics Prof. Peter Singer, author of the book Animal Liberation, told an animal rights conference outside Washington this weekend he doesn't agree with the Christian belief in the superiority of human beings. Indeed, according to the Cybercast News Service, Singer said he says killing severely disabled children within 28 days of birth should be allowed. And he argued that "a chimpanzee has greater self-awareness than a newborn baby."

Armed Robbery? Or Robbing an Armory?!?
Out in Greenfield, Wisc., the other day, an unidentified man walked into a store and tried to hold the place up at gunpoint. The trouble was, he had walked into a gun store and the owner pulled out a gun and shot him in the chest. The would-be robber was rushed to a hospital where his injury was described as not life threatening. News accounts did not provide his name, but the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel referred to him as "the victim."