Was for Tenure Reform...

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Not Much of an Achievement?

A four-month ABC News investigation sent undercover interns to gain access to nuclear research reactors (search) on campuses across the country and found that many labs proved to be easy targets. But school officials say the student reporters wouldn't have to work hard to get in. In fact, most reactors will give a guided tour to anyone who asks.

An Ohio State official says that trumpeting the interns' ability to get close to the facility is, "like saying 'Guess what? I just got into McDonald's!'" And MIT points out that campus reactors don't store enough radioactive fuel, or operate at a high enough temperature, for terrorists to cause a nuclear incident.

What's more, security officers at Kansas State say the interns' behavior had already drawn the attention of Homeland Security, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the FBI, who clued school officials in on the students' motives.

Was for Tenure Reform...

Massachusetts Senator John Kerry (search) is urging California voters to defeat Proposition 75, which would require unions to get written permission from members before spending their dues on political causes.

But Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) has asked Kerry to lend his support to the Republican administration's other ballot initiative — which would make it harder for teachers to earn tenure.

Campaigners for Proposition 74 note that Kerry has long advocated tenure reform — once calling for "an end to teacher tenure as we know it."

But Prop 74's opponents say that asking Kerry to support the plan is a "desperate, sophomoric" ploy and, when asked, Kerry declined to endorse the measure.

Bigoted Bar Owner?

The Ohio Civil Rights Commission is suing tavern owner Tom Ullum, saying he broke the law by posting a sign reading "For Service Speak English."

The suit accuses Ullum of "discriminatory practices" at his Pleasure Inn in Mason, Ohio and the local paper has called Ullum a bigot.

But Ullum says all customers are welcome regardless of their color or creed and the sign is simply meant to let them know that none of his employees speak any language but English.

Corruption Complaint

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (search) has sent a note to her counterparts in state governments across the country expressing her disgust with what she called the Republican "culture of corruption."

But one of those state legislature minority leaders — Connecticut's Bill Ward — happens to be a Republican and took the opportunity to send Pelosi a laundry list of corruption by state Democrats, including bribery, fraud, witness tampering and sexual abuse.

Ward's postscript adds, "It is my fondest hope that your assumption that the Democrats are the minority in the Connecticut House proves to be prophetic." Pelosi's office had no comment.

— FOX News' Aaron Bruns contributed to this report