War on Terror: End in Sight, or Always Fight?

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Saudi authorities called for an international effort to crack down on terrorism as they announced the arrests of four suspects apparently linked to Usama bin Laden's terrorist network in the May 12 suicide bombings in Riyadh.

Despite the strong words, Saudi Arabia's interior minister Prince Nayef downplayed the role played by U.S. investigators in probing the attacks on three foreign housing complexes he linked to Al Qaeda (search).

During a tense press conference Sunday, Nayef called for "a concerted international effort" to crack down on those who plan such attacks. He did not identify those he suspected of being behind them.

War on terror: End in sight, or always fight?

A sample of your responses:

We will always have to fight terrorism...it's a way of life for those people.  It will have to become a way of life for us to fight it.
Amy B.
Myrtle Beach, SC

Look at Isreal vs Palestine;  England and Northern Ireland......Terrorism will always be with us.  Whenever you allow religion to mix with democracy and politics, you will have fanatics and terrorists. If we allow religion to run countries, we will have learned nothing from the Spanish Inquisition.
Ron O.
Bayonne, NJ

This war on terror will never end.  Until the end of time, there will always be a struggle between good and evil.  You can't have one without the other.  Out of how many ever billions of people are on this earth some will be evil.  The only thing we can do is to stay on top of the larger terror problems and keep attacks minimal.  We will never be able to stop it all.
Joel T.
Hooks, TX

I think our war against terrorism will continue for at least 25 years.  There are so many people in the Middle East who, thru no fault of their own, have grown up hating the US and various countries.  Until we get those generations of people out of the picture..then there will always be someone somewhere wanting to bring harm to the US. Until these people are gone we won't reach peace
Atlanta, GA

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