The war on Christmas has made it into the halls of Congress.

Rep. Joanne Davis of Virginia introduced a sense of the House resolution calling for the recognition of Christmas and its various symbols for what they are — Christmas. Not holidays, not paradise days, not whatchamacallits. But Christmas.

By the way, this year December 24 and 25 are also the start of Hanukkah. So Happy Hanukkah as well as Merry Christmas.

Now, why did the congresswoman feel she needed to do that? Was it because John Gibson has written a war on Christmas book and has stirred up the country to believe there is a phony conflict under way that threatens Christmas? No, I'm quite sure that is not the reason.

The reason is her constituents have noticed this stuff going on in their towns and their schools and their libraries and public parks and city halls.

People have noticed that all of a sudden there's no Christmas tree, and if there is a Christmas tree it has to be renamed.

All of a sudden people have noticed that Santa isn't coming around anymore. Who fired Santa and why?

All of a sudden they hear about the school changing Christmas break to winter break and they're being told don't bring red and green paper plates to the kiddies holiday parties because it's not a Christmas party — and that means no red and green icing on the cupcakes, too.

People see these things on their own. They didn't need my book to tell them. My book is there for all of you in denial about whether this is really happening. Here's a hint: It is happening.

And you can stick your head in the sand if you want, but it will still be happening up there where your rear end is waving around in the breeze.

By the way, hats off to Bill O'Reilly for leading the charge with the merchants. If he hadn't done that the diversity officer in the human resources departments in all those companies would still be telling the CEO that people want Christmas removed from signs and displays.

You think maybe a few diversity officers are on the carpet right now explaining to a few CEOs why the company is fighting for its life in public opinion?

You think it's my little book?

Come on. Get real. All I did is expose what many, many people already see happening.

That's My Word.

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