Want To Play a Game?

Want to play a game? I'm going to read you some quotes from noted leftists and you have to guess whether they said it about President Reagan and his policies regarding the Soviet Union (search) and communist expansion in Central America, or did they say it about President Bush and his attempts to rid the world of Saddam Hussein (search) and establish freedom in Iraq. Ready?

Here's the first one: "The president has substituted a mindless militarism for a foreign policy ... frightening our friends ... already the cost of [the president's] policies is devastating to our country in economic strength, in diplomatic influence, in national security, in moral stature."

Here's another: "Unilateral intervention by a truculent and trigger-happy Uncle Sam might delight some U.S. citizens -- frustrated by events, eager for easy answers -- but elsewhere ... it would only serve to reaffirm the worst fears."

And one more, "When a politician claims that god favors his programs, alarm bells should ring ... if there is anything that should be illegitimate in the American system, it is such use of sectarian religiosity to sell a political program. And this was done not by some fringe figure, but by the president of the United States."

These are from prominent lefties writing for the New York and Los Angeles Times newspapers. There are dozens of similar quotes from American and European journalistic and political lefties

And they aren't directed at George W. Bush. They were said about Ronald Reagan in the 1980s when he was facing down the Soviet Union in Europe and communists trying to dominate in Central America.

Funny how times may change, but the left doesn't.

Reagan's policies worked. The left's did not and could not. President Bush's policies will work, too, if he gets the support he needs.

The left lost its credibility with communism. What amazes is that it thinks it can come back with the same line it used in the 80's and no one will remember. I remember.

And that's Column One for this week.

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