Wallet Stolen From Student 44 Years Ago Found When Ohio School Demolished

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The demolition of a northeast Ohio school has unearthed a personal time capsule: a wallet stolen from a student in 1964.

Kareen Theresa Reese says she's "flabbergasted" that it turned up.

She remembers feeling annoyed when her red cowhide wallet was taken from her purse at Warren G. Harding High School in Warren. Her temporary drivers permit was inside, so she had to go through the trouble of getting another.

The wallet still held the original when it was found last week, along with tickets to a school play, an excuse note for gym class, photos and a half stick of gum.

The worker who discovered it inside a girls' restroom wall also found another wallet — from 2007. He says a hole in the wall made it convenient for dumping stolen wallets.