Wall Street Beats Global Gloom

North Korea provokes war and the Dow hits a record.

Iraq's a mess and the Dow hits a record.

Illegal immigration is out of control and the Dow hits a record.

Another scandal in Washington and the Dow hits a record.

Such a bad world, such a good market.

So many sins, so much money — we're told Main Street is hurting, yet Wall Street is celebrating.

So who's right: Those who push the bad stories or those who push good stocks?

I tend to trust more the latter, because they're guided by crasser, baser, instincts.

They're greedy. They want to make money. The place bets on the future by slapping down dough now.

They might see a global storm. But they apparently see a lot of U.S. companies more than weathering that storm.

They don't see a United Nations that can't shoot straight. They do see corporate profits that just shoot up.

They don't look at the 4.6 percent who are unemployed, but the near record 95.4 percent who are employed.

They see the same dislocated workers we had 10 years ago, 20 years ago, every cycle, all years ago. But they see high productivity too.

They see all the things we do wrong as a country. But they apparently see the many more things we do right as a country.

They aren't Democrats or Republicans or independents. They are investors who vote with their money because of something they must firmly believe in their heart.

All is not perfect here. But it's still pretty damn good here.

Or they wouldn't be making money here.

Wonderful place... here.

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