Waiting for a Verdict

Dear Viewers,

Our show is back in D.C., but not for long. We are contemplating another road trip — this time back to Redwood City (search). The only question right now is "when" and it is a big guessing game as to when to head back.

Of course I have no idea when the jury will return a verdict — or even if they will. It is possible that the jury could "hang," but that would not occur soon... that is usually many days into deliberation. I have heard many predict verdicts in this case and I tease them that they are out of their minds. Yes, we all say things, but the truth is that no one knows what this jury will do.

Sitting in the jury box listening to the evidence is so different from hearing about bits and pieces on TV. Sitting in the jury box is even wildly different from sitting in the public part of the courtroom — you can hear much better from the jury box and you can see much better. Plus what you hear and see from the jury box is controlled — you don't hear all the legal arguments from the lawyers and the judge's comments that the public does. The jury gets sent away for many of those arguments. In the end, no matter what the jury verdict, I hope no one insults them. They have already given up six months of their time and I assure you that their intention is to do the best job possible.

I took pictures in New York City while we were there covering the election. I have put them in a photo essay today. The lighting could have been better in the pics, but I did the best I could to give you an idea of behind the scenes. Check out my photo essay.

Plus, here are some random e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Have I missed something here? They have two dead bodies but the cause of death has not been determined. How can you try someone for murder if you can't prove that there has been a murder committed? I believe that Scott is probably guilty however Laci could have died in a number of different ways. But to sentence someone to death for murder when you have the bodies and you can't prove how they died, how can you proceed? If you walk into a store and someone falls over dead in the same store with you are you then guilty of murder?
Allen E. Walker
Decatur, Illinois

E-mail No. 2

Hi Greta
I just wanted to ask if you will continue to have your legal team on after the Peterson trial (Bernie, Ted, Jim Hammer, Jeannine Perro, Geoff Figer, Laura Ingel) etc, because after seeing them night after night in our living rooms I feel like we have all become friends to have over dinner!! Well, you know what I mean, its been an interesting trial and you and your legal team have made it easier to understand and I hope we will continue to see them in future shows.
John Lapham
Las Vegas

ANSWER: Yes, they will be frequent guests. There are lots of legal issues and I would miss them, too, if we did not have them on often.

E-mail No. 3

Although I am late in sharing this; it was a thought I had while watching your show and listening to you and your guests.
Regarding the twine around the neck: I thought if the baby came from the top of the womb (I think they said that was the way the baby was expelled) because it did not go through the birth canal and the baby was head down in the birth canal ready for delivery which at the approx. time of delivery it could (I don't want to say should, I'm not a doctor) be facing down. The feet and/or feet tucked and including his bottom would have come out first. Since the head is the largest part of the baby (hence why it comes first in a healthy vaginal delivery) the twine then could have fit over the smallest part of the body and stopped at what would have been the largest part of the body; the head.
I would love to ask one of the Forensic Doctors if this could happen this way.
Thank you for hosting a great program. I record it. Then as soon as the children are in bed... fast forward through the commercials (sorry) to get to the trial. This is such a tragedy and difficult to see people who look so normal have so much convincing circumstantial evidence to do such a crime. However, watching these types of trials better help me realize that it's not possible most of the time to visually see when people are sick. I teach our children that 'un-safe' people don't have any visible signs physically that they are sick inside. I need the reminder also.
L. Nelson


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