Wacky Show — Plus a Little Thanks

Well, kind of a wacky show today mixed with some good spirited debate.

The most entertaining award has to go Bob Beckel and Mike Gallagher. They were pundits but ripping on each others' personal dress code for the entire time. The show really was about the Rummie attack, Iraq election and a few ugly court cases.

Of course when ever you can book Oliver North, you get the true inside story with the troops and what's going on on the ground, and he is firmly in Defense Secretary Rumsfeld's corner.

The most off-beat hour had to be the 6 a.m. with Kiran. Not sure why, but every time we host, we seem to have way too much fun

Closed the show with an interview with Andrew Shue formally of "Melrose Place." He has a soccer movie looking for soccer players, so be sure to check it out.

For me personally I'd like to thank everyone who showed up at any of the stops last week on the mini-tour. I can't believe the dedication you showed and I hope the book does not let you down. You can get the book right now at Briankilmeade.com and if you get it as a Christmas present and need it signed, just send it over:

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