Voters' Wrath Is Real

Do any of you know German?

Take a look at this: It's the front page headline in Germany's biggest newspaper, Bild, that pretty much sums up the national mood there.

Roughly translated, "We are once again the schmucks of Europe!"

You know what's got 'em riled up? All the money Germans are plunking down for rescues — the tens of billions to Greece, the hundreds of billions more for a European financial fund to prevent another Greece.

All of it — Germans are sick of it, and now they're saying the hell with it. Call it bailout fatigue, but with curse words.

Ring a bell?

It's the same thing that made Gordon Brown a former British prime minister, and this guy David Cameron the new British prime minister.

The same thing that had Republicans turning on one of their own stalwarts, Bob Bennett in Utah, and all but forcing Charlie Crist to become a former Republican in Florida.

What ties them together? Big spending.

Those for bailouts, voted out. Those against them, voted in.

Never mind Bob Bennett has a pretty conservative record; the fact he voted for TARP doomed him. Just as Charlie Crist's infamous hug of and support for Barack Obama's stimulus plan doomed him.

Bailout memories are long, and voters' wrath is real.

What's going on here isn't a conservative wave as much as it is an anti-bailout wave. Whether TARP, or health care — it's all kind of Greek bailout to voters.

They hate it, all of it. And those who had anything to do with it will pay for it dearly.

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