Some citizens have expressed great pessimism about the future of our country because of the intense passions that have fueled this year's elections.

The Tea Party movement, the record number of money being spent on midterm campaigns and predictions of an upheaval and uprooting of incumbents are seen by some as a sign of our nation about to crack.

Actually, what we're seeing is the sure signs of a healthy republic.

We were brilliantly designed to self-correct by giving the people an opportunity to vote the most powerful people in the country right out of office. For the second time in a decade, it's likely that the Senate majority leader will not just lose his position of leadership, but his Senate seat.

The politicians have wounded our great nation with their spending sprees, big-government takeovers of cars, banks, insurance companies and health care. But she's wounded —far from dead. And the old girl is showing a real fighting spirit as she prepares to deliver a knockout blow to self-serving politicians on Tuesday.

Even Barney Frank is having to get off his duff, give his campaign some money and fight to keep his seat in Massachusetts.

An election in America is the equivalent of a bloodless coup d'etat. We will wake up on Wednesday morning and the people will have exercised the most potent power in our nation: the power to vote.

I don't see the uproar as a sign of our weakness, but our strength.

If you have described the government with less than flattering words, Tuesday do more than scream, put a slogan on a bumper sticker or T-shirt or call to a talk radio station. Do what really matters: vote.

If you don't think the government has listened to you, make sure they do on Tuesday. They will hear you when you vote. And tonight, get on your knees and thank God you live in the United States of America where you still have life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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