Virginia Tech Massacre

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What can I say that would be new or noteworthy about this horrific shooting at Virginia Tech? All I can say it was an honor to be able to help gather and deliver the information as it unfolded over our 4-hour show. Alisyn Camerota and Gretchen Carlson combined to cover the hours as did Geraldo and Shep Smith. In studio, our people worked through the night to pack out our entire broadcast and Bo Dietl was so strong and passionate he came back three separate times!

It's now time to look at what security can learn from the attacks and see that other universities react as well. You can bet that gun control becomes a top issue on the campaign trail.

Shep also cautioned — and I think we heeded his advice — to not pile on the blame until we found out all the facts. Now that the facts are being revealed the blame will come cascading forward whether it's fair or not.

I'm looking forward to seeing President Bush do what Ronald Reagan and President Clinton did — and that's take the lead as consoler in chief. On the shelf for now: the Iraq spending bill, Alberto Gonzales hearings and anything election '08 related.

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