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Dear Viewers,

From time to time, I like to put some viewer e-mail in this "blog." are some recent show e-mails:

The first is about the Tony Stewart/NASCAR segment we aired on Friday night. I think this viewer likes Tony (to put it lightly!)  Incidentally, we have a NASCAR surprise for the viewers on Tuesday!


I have to admit, that is the best piece of scenery that I have seen all day
long. What a nice ending to the day.

The Ohio highway shooting remains unsolved. This viewer has an interesting idea.  I supposed it is cost prohibited but it sure helps that people are thinking how to catch this very dangerous person:

Hi Greta
Why don't the police put up cameras in Ohio on the overpasses to catch the shooter before someone gets killed?

As many of you know, a cable network aired a "made for tv" movie about the Laci Peterson (search) murder on Friday night.  We talked about it Friday night and among our guests was Amber Frey's attorney Gloria Allred (who did NOT like the idea of the movie.)  Many of our viewers wrote me their thoughts about the movie (and also Gloria):


I just watched the movie and was really quite unimpressed. I have followed this case from the first day of Laci's disappearance and I firmly believe Scott is guilty. It seemed the movie just portrayed some facts we already know and some possible fiction that really has no bearing on the facts that will come out in the trial. I am sure Mark Geragos will make a much bigger deal out of it that what's there. Overall, it was a cheap, cheezy movie that capitalized through a real tragedy. I feel, once again, for Laci's family.

Allred is pissed because someone beat her "client" out of a movie deal and she couldn't collect her fee. I hope someone does a book deal too. The only reason Allred is a part of this is because she hawked Amber for the book and movie deals after the criminal trial. Amber Frey no more needs an attorney in this case than cows need BSE!

I was curious about how this tv movie might affect the Scott Peterson case, but after watching it, I don't think there's a problem. Since the last half of the movie had only about 16 minutes of movie and 44 minutes of commercials, I think it might be more likely that a "medicare approved diabetes supply company" spokesperson will be tried rather than Scott Peterson.

Greta, I just watched the premier of "The Perfect Husband," where Dean Cain stars as Scott Peterson. The time line is off, particularly regarding calls to and from Amber Frey, and when Scott moved to his parents' house in San Diego (thus suggesting Scott moved to San Diego and grew a FULL BEARD between the time the bodies were discovered and Scott's arrest three days later), but otherwise, it seemed to be fairly accurate. The movie is NOT "reprehensible," except that it flies in the face of torrid media speculation.


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