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Dear Viewers,

As many of you know, I spend at least two hours a day reading the show e-mail. I "grabbed" a few and have reprinted them below for you simply to give you a sample of the mail I receive. I randomly picked them so the choices do not necessarily represent my viewpoint or some "agenda."

Incidentally, I would like to have you e-mail questions you would like polled on our Web site. I might use the question (I already used one viewer's idea!). So here are some e-mails (about the March 9 poll question and about Martha Stewart):

Re: Poll Dated March 9, 2004

No. 1

Dear Greta,
That is an interesting poll you are taking on people's feelings towards their religion. That is one thing to consider about religion, but for me satisfaction has very little to do with truth. If you don't like one religion, just change to find another that you are satisfied with. That may be OK with breakfast cereals, but when we approach religion, I suggest that that is a very dangerous approach. Personal satisfaction, whether you like a certain religion's teaching or not, really has little or nothing to do with whether or not it is trustworthy and merits betting your eternity on. I might like the idea of the Bahai faith where they take a little bit of teachings from various world religions and mix them all together, but that doesn't make it true, does it? I might like a particular breakfast cereal, but that doesn't mean it is healthy for me does it? I hope we don't advocate choosing religion based on whether or not we like what it teaches. We cannot create reality with our faith. We need to base our faith on what we really think to be reality. It is the object of our faith that must be trustworthy, not how much we like it or are satisfied with it or anything else. There isn't anyone who really thinks that all religions are the same. Bahai, Buddhism, Shintoism, Islam, Christianity, Satanism, innumerable splinter groups and cults like Supreme Truth Cult in Japan, etc. There are differences as their individual teachings so clearly point out. If you choose a religion like you choose a breakfast cereal, you are in grave danger of making a wrong choice. Just some thoughts for you to consider. Thanks.

No. 2

Hey Greta,
Why don’t you put together a poll for the Web site that you don’t already know the answer. It’s obvious that conservatives and Christians are the main reader of Fox's Web site. Please put more thought in your polls that interest the other half of our country.

Re: Martha Stewart

No. 3

I'm sure most of your viewers, myself included, were dying to know what was inside the minds of the jurors on the Stewart case -- but I have to admit, I'm finding it a little sleazy that they're "making the rounds" with television appearances. It kind of adds a 15-minutes-of-fame element to their service to the court, and thus subtracts from their credibility. Thoughts?

No. 4

Dear Greta... I was recently watching "The View" on ABC. The guest was (I believe) Judge Judy... and her comments regarding the prosecution of Martha Stewart was something like "it's like shooting a flea with an elephant gun". I feel exactly the same way... for Martha as well as her broker. Community service... house arrest... anything along these lines would be 100% more fair than prison.
Secondly, the fallout for the American people is greater than the government is thinking. Loss of her business... which I don't think will happen, would simply increase the already staggering job losses....
When will the government start using common sense... not just with Martha, but overall good common sense in all aspects?

No. 5

While the brightest and the best of our young folk are being sent to foreign "soil" to fight for the freedom of women & children, women in America are being punished for being successful. The legal system is creating a "domino-effect" with this Martha "saga". Everybody from the truck drivers to the janitors will feel the effect. Martha has filled the gap that home demonstration agents covered during earlier times. We need that kind of direction. It is sickening to watch smirky folk in the media "carrying on" about Martha-this, Martha-that. I like Martha. To me, she's industrious, she's progressive, and she's courageous. I pray that she's not put in prison. With all the hatred that the media has spread, Martha won't survive in prison.

No. 6 (This viewer read on March 8)

I enjoyed your Greta wire about Martha Stewart. I now have a better understanding of the Fifth Amendment. I used to feel that if someone took the Fifth, they were guilty for sure. That's the difference between Jeff Skilling and Ken Lay (I worked at Enron briefly). In my personal contact with Mr. Lay, I know that it pained him to take the Fifth because people would perceive him as guilty. Pride causes so many people to fall. I think that was Martha's error more than anything. Anyway, as an American citizen, I'm glad to know that we have the Fifth Amendment in case I ever need it!

No. 7

Dear On The Record,
At this point I have lost total and complete respect for the federal justice system. Who's next on their hit list -- Billy Graham?? At least he would have a prayer's chance of winning in federal court.

No. 8

Peter Bacanovic's motive could have well been to kiss up to his billionaire client, Martha


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