Police released security camera footage Thursday that showed a man holding his toddler daughter and a gun before he and the girl were shot to death during a gun battle with officers.

The film footage, along with still photos of cocaine and a nearly empty tequila bottle, was made public a day after the county coroner released a report confirming that Jose Pena (search), 34, and his 19-month-old daughter were killed by bullets fired by police during a 3 ½-hour standoff on Sunday.

Police say Pena fired dozens of rounds at officers while holding his daughter, Suzie. One of those bullets struck a police officer in the shoulder.

Authorities are investigating the standoff, which left relatives angry that officers did not show more patience in efforts to apprehend Pena, who had holed up inside his auto repair shop with Suzie.

Assistant Chief George Gascon said the investigation would take months.

In the security camera footage released Thursday, Pena can be seen standing in an office door gripping his daughter in one hand and his gun in the other. Police said it was unclear at what point during the standoff Suzie was shot.

Gascon said Pena may have used his auto shop's security cameras to monitor officers' movements. He said Pena had fired rounds through the building's walls and may have done so knowing where the officers were positioned.

"He probably was seeing the officers," Gascon said.

Still photos taken at the scene showed cocaine left out in the open on a bookcase and a plastic bag that authorities say has tested positive for cocaine residue.

Police believe Pena was intoxicated on alcohol and drugs during the standoff. Test results to determine if that was so are pending.