Video Games Help Young Cancer Patients Cope With Treatment

When children battling cancer are undergoing chemotherapy, keeping their moods upbeat can go a long way in helping them get through their treatments.

A Detroit-area hospital has found a means to that end in video games, according to a report from

“When you first hear your son has leukemia, it’s a devastating feeling,” said Steve Pernia, whose son, a first-grader, is receiving treatment for the disease at St. John's Van Elslander Cancer Center. reports that a few months ago, Pernia bought an arcade-style video game that his son had been eyeing in a store and donated it to the cancer center to cheer up young patients there.

The hospital's Dr. Hadi Sawaf tells the TV station that such activities can be beneficial to young patients.

“It’s evident that children who are playing video or are watching their favorite movie or on the internet are less likely to get sick while receiving chemotherapy," Sawaf said.

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