If Miami wasn’t warm enough, the temperature soared last Friday when 35 of the hottest bodies descended upon the beachside city in well, next-to-nothing. You’d think with that many leggy lingerie ladies in one stressful pre-show space fights would break-out all over — but it wasn’t the models that raised eyebrows, it was the famous front-row.

Despite their claims that there are no hard feelings between former BFFs Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, we’re told the reality starlets refused to go anywhere near each other during the fashion festivities and extra measures were put in place to ensure the girls did not cross paths. Speaking of reality stars, "Laguna Beach" alum Kristen Cavallari also attended the show and after-party and was desperate to be in with Kardashian clan. According to our spy, Cavallari spent most of her time following the pap-popular Kimmy K and insisted she be put at their table even after they walked right past her without saying a hello while on the after-party’s pink carpet. (Although earlier that day Kris and the Kardashian sisters were spotted working on their tans together.)

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And even though it has been exactly one year since Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom "went public" with their romance (the two got hot and heavy on the dance floor at last year’s VS after-party) Bloom was nowhere to be seen and the 25-year-old Australian beauty was quick to deny reports of an engagement. Instead, Kerr snuggled up to three other important people in her life -- her parents and her younger brother. Awww.

Life as a lingerie lady has also changed a lot in the past year for fellow "Angel" Alessandra Ambrosio who flashed a bangin’ body just two-and-a-half months after giving birth. The Brazilian babe had her baby-daddy on standby the entire time to take care of their little girl Anja Louise, and was overheard telling pals that breastfeeding actually played an important part and bringing back at her pre-pregnancy physique.

Meanwhile it seems Diddy and Cassie have reconciled any romantic issues as Pop Tarts spies spotted the on-again/off-again couple getting rather steamy at the post-party alongside other celeb attendees including Brody Jenner, Chloe Sevigny, Charlotte Ronson and Josh Lucas.

Now to the important part — the actual lasses in lingerie. The normally racy runway extravaganza opted for more classic approach this time around with its "Back to Glamour" theme in tribute to old Hollywood with full-pieces, corsets, capes & of course a $5 million ruby and diamond-encrusted bra donned by Adriana Lima. Earlier this year the lingerie label announced plans to alter its image and become more female-friendly due to dropping sales and claims that the super-sexy style was offensive to some women. But that didn’t stop things from being at least a little cheeky. Literally.

Karolina Kurkova and Doutzen Kroes proved to be serious crowd pleasers when they strutted in skimpy g-string bottoms beneath a billowing sheer cape, but nobody got a more roaring reception than Heidi Klum. She’s married, a mother-of-three and the eldest of the supermodels, yet she’s still number one.

"Heidi gets the most attention without a doubt," a VS insider confirmed. "The press all want her, the fans all want her. It is going to be hard for any other model to compete with that."

The super-sexy show will air at 10 p.m. (9 p.m. Central Time) on December 3 on CBS.

Wardrobe Malfunction: Kate Beckinsale Dresses Inappropriately?

Kate Beckinsale joined forces with Calista Flockhart, Denise Richards, Krista Allen & Bridget Moynahan at the Santa Monica Airport on Sunday, where the stars and their families helped raise over $700,000 at the P.S Arts’ "Express Yourself" Family Fun Day to restore art education in public schools.

But speaking of education, we don’t know if it was the smoky bushfire air or the Los Angeles heat wave that affected Kate Beckinsale’s level of intelligence but clearly she (or her stylist) wasn’t thinking straight. With the mercury pushing a dry 95 degrees, the "Pearl Harbor" star sported a big woolen snow beanie and thick denim jeans. Like, huh?

Pop Tarts also spotted Denise Richards playing dress-ups with her little ladies, although the "It’s Complicated" star came across as a little down-in-dumps. Tarts was later told that Richards got quite upset when asked (in front of her girls) whether she or ex-hubby Charlie Sheen had custody over Thanksgiving weekend and that clearly struck an emotional chord she couldn’t shake. Oh, and here’s one to make most women frown — Bridget Moynahan looked particularly tiny in tight white pants while flaunting a flab-free post-baby body, but spent most of her afternoon with baby Brady noshing away on red velvet cupcakes. Sigh.

Fleeing Flames: Rob Lowe Evacuated from Wild Fires

Being a Hollywood superstar certainly doesn’t make you immune from the devastating wildfires sweeping across Southern California. If having all your dirty laundry aired in a court case against your former nannies hasn’t been stressful enough, Rob Lowe and his family were forced to flee their multi-million dollar mansion on Saturday evening.

"It was just like Armageddon," the actor told Los Angeles' KABC-TV. "My son and I were watching the football game and my wife, who was out running errands, called and said, 'Get out. The mountain's on fire.' And I thought she was kidding. There was no indication that anything was going wrong, that anything was up."

Other multi-millionaire celebrities who live in the high-priced community include stars Catherine Zeta Jones, Jeff Bridges and Oprah Winfrey; however at this stage their properties have not been damaged.

Robert Redford Caught Up in Mormon/Gay Rights Controversy

For 24 years the Robert Redford-founded Sundance Film Festival has been Mecca for independent movies, not to mention all the star-studded soirees, style lounges and festivities. But next year’s 10-day spectacle is in jeopardy due to the growing numbers calling for a boycott of the Park City, Utah-based event.

Following a whirlwind week of public protests and outcries, gay activists are now calling on Hollywood actors, directors and studio big-wigs to shun the January festival. The motivation behind the boycott is to avoid supporting the state which is home to the Mormon Church and believed to be an influencing factor in persuading 52.5 percent of California's electorate to vote for Proposition 8, the ballot measure to outlaw same-sex weddings.

Sundance organizers intend to go ahead with the festival as planned as it is now too late for a venue change, but insist that the iconic film fest is founded on the ideals of freedom of expression and diversity.

A rep for Redford did not respond for comment.

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