Vermont's Shame Continues...

Vermont's shame continues: that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

It is getting worse up in Vermont, as some in the green mountain state have launched a counter attack to defend Judge Edward Cashman, who sentenced 34-year-old man Mark Hulett to 60 days in prison for raping a six-year old girl over a four year period. Hulett is set to get out March 4th.

And now we learn that Hulett's best friend is also accused of abusing the little girl. 33-year old Derek Kimball has been charged with sexual assault. No trial date has been set.

Not only did Hulett rape the girl himself, but he may have set up another man to do the same thing. And Hulett gets 60 days.

Judge Cashman should have been gone last week, but so far no Vermont official has moved against him. And his boss, Superior Court Judge Amy Davenport, who could transfer him to civil court has refused to do.

Also, former Vermont chief Justice Jeffrey Amestoy is praising Cashman, saying he's competent and caring. Unbelievable.

The Vermont media also continues to prop up Cashman. Associated Press reporter Christopher Graff has written another sympathetic story on the judge. And a program on Vermont Public Television criticized me over the weekend.

The Vermont legislature is dithering over Cashman. And although Governor Jim Douglas has called for Cashman to quit, he has done nothing else.

This entire revolting display should remind you of Jessica Lunsford's murder in Citrus County, Florida. As police desperately searched for the nine-year-old girl, the accused killer's housemates mislead the cops, who came to their front door. Bought and delivered Couey a bus ticket so he could flee the state. And now Couey himself says roommate Matthew Dittrich knew Jessica was in the trailer where she was sexually assaulted and suffocated to death.

Yet Florida prosecutor Brad King refused to charge Couey's enablers. And The St. Petersburg Times supported King, who remains the chief law enforcement official in Citrus County, if you can believe it.

Now the only good thing to come out of Jessica's case is Jessica's Law. The Florida legislature did pass tough mandatory sentencing against child predators.

In Vermont, there are no mandatory sentencing laws for child rapists. And there are no public demonstrations against Judge Cashman.

Where are activists Ben & Jerry, the ice cream guys who constantly scream about human rights? Where is former Governor Howard Dean? Senators Jeffords and Leahy? Where is socialist Congressman Bernie Sanders? Surely, he cares about the victim's rights.

Our poll question asks if Judge Cashman is not removed from criminal cases, will you boycott Vermont? If Judge Cashman is not removed from criminal cases, will you boycott Vermont?

Unfortunately, that's what it might take -- action by the rest of the country to wake the state up.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

As you may know, Canada has legalized gay marriage and now a new study for the federal justice department in Ottawa says polygamy should be legalized, as well. Who told you this was going to happen? Who?

Remember the McGuire (ph) sisters in south Boston I wanted to marry but Massachusetts wouldn't let me? That was a long time ago, but I told you, once untraditional marriages are tampered with, lots of unwanted consequences will happen. And some of them are ridiculous. I told you.

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