Valentine's Day: Splurge vs. Save

Hey, fashionistas!

Love is in the air with V-Day around the corner, and what to buy our favorite people is on all of our minds! Problem is— the economy isn't showing us any love! No worries, lovies, we've got the best gifts if you're looking to save or if you're lucky enough to splurge, for the men, women, and children in your lives.


Guys looking to buy for your wives? There's nothing bigger or better than a little something in a small box. A heart necklace is a great idea any time of the year, but EXTRA special for Valentines Day. Look to the left for options for every budget!

Gift Tip: Look for a style that makes less of a statement and can be worn every day.


A great guy's gift can cost you only $12.50! Try Gap's heart boxer shorts for the one you love! In two different prints, these adorable undies are a great idea. If you're looking to gift something grand, treat your guy to a dinner for two, no cooking required! Hire a personal chef to to prepare a romantic dinner right in your home. The best part is you'll benefit as well!

Gift tip: Simply dimming the lights and setting the table with candles can create an even more romantic mood. For more party planning ideas on a budget, click here!


You don't have to be in a relationship to show the love. Your girlfriends are deserving of a V-Day gift too! Old Navy's amore tees or heart slippers are a comfy, cozy idea. If you're looking to spend instead, take a trip down memory lane, and gift a BFF necklace made popular in the eighties. Juicy Couture's pair of necklaces cost $78.

Gift Tip: Have the necklaces engraved with your names for a personalized present!


There's no better gift to your kids than spending some quality time, and making home-made Valentines is a great way to do just that! Try the valentine gift set in the picture to the left (available at or hit for more great ideas and materials. Of course some red construction paper and white doilies will also do the trick! If you're looking to spend a bit, gift your girls something something our two first daughters would die for, a red dress from . Your boys will also love a great red sweater like the one to the left.

Gift Tip: Have a V-Day party with your kids! Dress all in red, create home-made cards, and bake V-Day cupcakes you'll all enjoy!

For more great gift ideas that are on the more unconventional side, click here.

And don't forget to show yourself a little love! Click here for ideas on how to LOVE your look.

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