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The Natalee Holloway (search) story continues to baffle me. What's with everyone on the case taking vacations? Now the chief prosecutor is on a two-week vacation to the Netherlands! I don't know what you think... but it seems to me that if you are in charge of the only murder investigation in your country, and if the clock is winding down on holding your chief suspect, that you might want to delay that vacation a few weeks. Even some of us worked vacation days covering the story and we are not in charge of the investigation... we are simply covering it for a news organization.

I go back and forth — sometimes I think (hope?) that maybe the Aruba authorities have significant evidence and are simply not revealing it and sometimes I think they have no evidence. Most often I think they have little or no evidence. Worse, I am not always confident they are trying hard to do what should be done in an investigation. The "slow start" may have created fatal errors to an effective investigation.

It remains possible that no crime has been committed, but at this point the case remains under — or should — active investigation and it is fair to be suspicious. I am very suspicious. It is hard for me to think that Natalee simply walked away.

You can not blame a prosecutor or a police chief if a crime is perfect and not provable — but I do think it is fair to criticize them for taking a vacation mid-investigation when there is a clock running.

To change the topic:

Of course we have lots of stars and important political figures that are in our green room (waiting room) every day — that is the TV cable news business. But no guests have generated as much excitement as our guests Wednesday night in New York City. Last night staff stayed late, and so did several interns to meet Jack Hanna (search) and his "friends." I have never seen the greenroom so crowded, or the hall outside the greenroom with rubber neckers. If you saw the show, you know we had a giant rabbit, river otter, miniature horse, hedgehog, etc. If you were lucky enough to work in the New York bureau, you were able to go to the greenroom and touch and hold several of these animals. I am a huge animal lover so I love doing these segments — plus I get to learn things from Jack.

Here are some random e-mails. Incidentally, the overwhelming majority of e-mails I am getting are about Natalee:

E-mail No. 1

Anita van der Sloot lied when she said the legal drinking age in Aruba is 16 — the legal age is 18. Up until now, I had thought it was possible (slightly) that she did not know what her husband and son had done. Now I believe that she does know — which makes her just as guilty as them.
My husband and I own a timeshare there and go every year. Before our son turned 18, he was not allowed to drink alcohol there. I just checked on the Aruba Web site and it states that the legal age for drinking and gambling is 18 — just to make sure that it had not changed.
I hope and pray to God that they discover the truth — and Natalee — soon.
Linda Eisele

E-mail No. 2

Love the show, but it sure was great to have Jack Hanna, a unique creature himself, there to give a lighter side to the show. Greta, we actually saw a laugh and a genuine happiness with a touch of fear (not sure if the fear was from the 'critters', or Jack's unpredictability.)
Nightly viewer,
Barbara Williams

E-mail No. 3

As always, we enjoyed your show and we think you say "Holloway" just fine!
Thank you for arranging to have Jack Hanna end the show with the darling animals. He is just great! Before I retired, I always encouraged my 5th graders to watch any show he was part of because he gives good and interesting information about the animals and his love for all animals is obvious. What a nice way to close out your hour... please have the animals visit again soon!
Keep up the good work!
Best regards,
Glenda Crenshaw
Fort Smith, AR

E-mail No. 4

Dear Greta,
I am a Republican and back most of President Bush's programs. I let the National Committee know which ones I am not in agreement with. Senator McCain seems to go out of his way to be negative about the Bush administration in a manner he wants people to perceive as being positive. Why did he have to make the sly remark about White House secrets when talking about the success of keeping Judge Brown's selection a secret? The man demeans himself almost every time he appears on TV.
Paul Haisty
Moreno Valley, CA

ANSWER: I did not interpret Senator McCain's quip like you did. I thought he was making a light remark about secrets in Washington, D.C. in general and having a little fun. I did not think it was a swipe at President Bush.

E-mail No. 5

Greta and FOX News,
Please! Enough on Natalee's disappearance. Please get on with other stories.
Charles Martin

E-mail No. 6

Yes, Judge Roberts is no Sandra Day O'Connor. I think President Bush should have nominated a woman. I think he should have nominated a blonde woman. We haven't had one yet. I think he should have nominated someone from a non-Ivy League law school. How about Ann Coulter? The liberals are acting as though Judge Roberts was as conservative as Ann Coulter, so President Bush should have nominated someone with a strong conservative record anyway.
Jonathan Swift
Melbourne, FL

E-mail No. 7

Even though you look great without makeup, your show tonight concerns me. Why is FOX letting you on the air without makeup?
I realize you're in NYC, but that should count for more care of your camera appearance. I hope things are OK. I hope YOU are OK. Your viewers need you Greta! You are so important... K, commercials over, back to your show now.
P.S. Monday, you looked absolutely stunning! You have some miracle makeup staffs. You're still pretty sharp without them however.
San Francisco, CA

E-mail No. 8

A personal question: There is a reporter on Channel 9 Bay News, FL. She reports out of a northern county (above Pasco, I forgot the name.) She looks like you, talks like you, voice sounds like you, inflection is like you, wears jackets like you, wears a blouse like you, even has one side of the blouse collar a bit turned like you… daily! So a relative, a daughter, an underling, or a wannabe?
P.S. These Aruba folks — investigative/police/lawyers — are clowns, more talented than the best of Barnum and Bailey Circus. A ridiculous situation... vacations, retirements, what next? All delay, delay, delay!

ANSWER: I fear you have just insulted this poor woman on your local station... but have flattered me.

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