Utah's Pistol-Packin' Politicians' Pin Says 'Gun' Without Saying a Word

An oval pin with a six-point star in the middle has been seen adorning lawmaker's blazers around the halls of the Utah state capitol building. But if you see one, don't make any fast moves: It probably means they're carrying a pistol.

The Salt Lake (Utah) Tribune reports that about one in 10 Utah state lawmakers has a concealed weapons permit and they have been known to exercise their permitted rights on occasion.

Lately, several have been seen wearing the pin. They're a bit cagey about discussing the meaning of the adornment, however.

When asked about his pin, state Rep. Curtis Oda deadpans: "I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you."

The Tribune reports that during a recent legislative field trip, four lawmakers including Oda had to check their guns before entering an oil refinery.

Oda said one reason he supports gun ownership rights is because lawmakers can be targets themselves.

"You don't know. ... It's just the fact that I'd rather be prepared. The officers here are great, but they can't be right there next to you," Oda said.

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