Stories where Americans or people in the media — or mainly people in Washington — just aren't using their heads:

Angry Mob?

Have you noticed how the media and the DNC are describing those hate-mongers that are attending health care town halls? I've seen the DNC ad. Have you?


NARRATOR: Now desperate Republicans and their well-funded allies are organizing angry mobs, just like they did during the election. Their goal: Destroy President Obama.


That's the goal. They are right. As The Philadelphia Enquirer wrote about Sen. Arlen Specter's town hall this week, "Anger on health care boils over at Specter events. They booed and taunted Sen. Arlen Specter calling him a tyrant as anger at the Democrats' proposed overhaul of health care system boiled over in a pair of town hall meetings Tuesday."

I saw the video. I have seen it myself. Look away if you have small children. Nothing but crazed mobs:


UNIDENTIFIED TOWN HALL ATTENDEE: You have the courage that a lot of your other buddies don't have to come and have a town hall meeting.

Now, that being said, at the same time, I've been a little bit distressed that you think that you know what's better for me...


Stop it! I can't watch anymore. Alert the authorities! Somebody coming and thanking the senator for being there and then giving his opinion?

Oh, the humanity! Please tell me he's in jail.

Let the left teach you, America, how to demonstrate peacefully and make your point and come together. Do you remember, oh, the days of peaceful immigration protests?

You know, those well-organized mobs must have gone crazy when it came to the president's town hall. Before the event, Art Levine, contributing editor of The Washington Monthly wrote in The Huffington Post: "Will GOP mobs disrupt Obama's town hall today? The network of lobbyist-fueled tea party activists and progressives supporting reform are ramping up their organizing. Expect massive and potentially ugly right-wing protests right outside the hall."

Well, Secret Service were eagle-eyed, thank God. They planned out how the tickets should be distributed so everybody could get in. And the violent protests from outside and inside — did you see it?



JULIA HALL, TOWN HALL ATTENDEE: Julia Hall from Malden, Massachusetts.

OBAMA: Nice to meet you, Julia.

HALL: As I was walking in and I saw a lot of signs outside saying mean things about reform in health care. How do kids know what is true and why do people want a new system that can help more of us?

OBAMA: Well, I've seen some of those signs...


Stop, stop! I can't stand it. This poor girl was walking in and she saw signs. She saw signs.

Let me show you again, you hate-mongering radicals, how the left shows you how to protest so little children don't have to see the violence and the hatred like signs and stuff.

For instance, the way the left was behaving at the Republican National Committee conference in 2008 and 2004.

Yes, I went to that and I remember being so wildly uncomfortable at the people screaming awful, ugly, death threats at me. I'm glad my kids couldn't have attended.

The Baltimore Sun writes "Mob rule takes over health care debate. Certain demonstrators, enraged that Congress wants to reform America's dysfunctional health insurance system, have adopted the tactics of a mob... What we're dealing with is a mob and not a thoughtful new brand of American revolutionary... The mob is active and it is angry and it wants to be noticed."

Please, even if your child is 42, take them out of the room right now. We have video from the town hall meeting in New Jersey with Democratic Congressman Steven Rothman:


UNIDENTIFIED TOWN HALL ATTENDEE: I have a private health plan.

UNIDENTIFIED TOWN HALL ATTENDEE: It's a pity that so many people could not stay.

UNIDENTIFIED TOWN HALL ATTENDEE: I have a new respect for you.

UNIDENTIFIED TOWN HALL ATTENDEE: I like my health care. I'm one of the 85 percent...


Stop it! Stop it! I can't take it anymore. That was scary, wasn't it?

Can't we just learn how to protest peacefully, like back in 1992 in Los Angeles? Remember the peaceful protests after the police involved in the Rodney King beating were cleared? People took to the streets in harmony and peace.

Hey, that's the place where Van Jones was held by the police for four hours. Who is Van Jones, you ask? Why, he's the new green jobs "czar" who, months later, said he was a communist. Glad to know he has the ear of the president.

Look, I am not saying people aren't angry at town halls — they are angry. I am not saying some people aren't stepping over the line — hanging a congressman in effigy is wrong. Shouting down and booing is disrespectful. I've said all along: Go to these town halls, speak your mind and question boldly.

No one is talking about the media shouting down these protesters — but they don't have to, they just keep showing the "crazy" ones over and over again. Don't give them the ammunition to use against you. If 100 people quietly ask questions the media will show the one person who goes nuts! Bring your own camera to show how things really go down.

And remember: Use your head.

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