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Web browsers become obsolete over time, and older browsers may lack features used by many new Web sites. And since less than 2 percent of visitors to FOXNews.com now used an outdated browser, we have made the difficult decision to drop support for them.

This will allow us to accelerate the rollout of a faster-loading, feature-rich FOXNews.com. You will notice many major site upgrades in the coming weeks and months, and hope you will find them useful.

There are many standards-compliant Web browsers to choose from, built by companies like Microsoft, Apple, Netscape and other independent software programmers. Standards-compliant browsers like the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Safari or Mozilla allow you to use all the features offered by our site.

To make your transition as easy as possible, we've included links to a number of the most popular up-to-date browsers below. All downloads are absolutely FREE.

So click a link, download a new web browser, install it and try it out. We're sure you'll be happier with your Internet experience, and Foxnews.com, because of it.

Here are links to even more browsers.

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Enjoy our feature-rich special packages and applications that use Flash. Download the Flash 6 plug-in today!

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Enjoy our video clips (and soon-to-come audio clips) on FOXNews.com. We use Real or Windows Media formats, and you can download the latest versions of the plug-ins here.

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