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Dear Viewers,

Monday Tuesday night's show went off without a hitch — almost.

I did butcher one guest's name (even though I practiced many times saying it during all the commercial breaks leading up to the segment.) I was annoyed at my mistake — why could I correctly pronounce her name when the camera was off, yet butcher it the second the camera was on? Here is my trick: I say it once — in this case poorly — and then never say the name again during the segment. This usually works unless I am really unlucky and there are two people in the segment in which case I am forced to say it again, but usually can get by with just a first name.

I've also included a video clip from last night's show — click on the link in the video box above.

On a topic different from the show: Do you know anyone who does not have a "story" about airline service when he or she flies? I would love to hear YOUR story and for you to e-mail it to me. I am particularly interested in hearing from airline mechanics and whether safety is being "short sheeted."

Here is my most recent — and yes, I am lucky all went well and this is not a problem compared to the REAL problems with the tsunami in Southeast Asia (search) and weather/mudslides/flooding in this country ... I write this only to amuse you.

I flew Monday to New York for the Amber Frey interview on American Airlines. The flight was... well, you decide: first the flight attendant — whose first job is safety and knowing the plane to help in case of a crisis — thanked us for flying American's 752 plane. 752? The only "problem" is that it was a 757 ... I've never heard of the 752. I don't think there is one. I noticed other passengers sort of looking around when she said that. My tongue in cheek thought was: I sure hope she is better trained on location of emergency exits and chutes than plane model.

Then the passenger next to me asked for an extender seatbelt since he is large and needed more seatbelt in order to close the belt around him. He could not close the regular seatbelt around him. The flight attendant said sure. But, he never got the extender seatbelt. We took off and landed with him having an open belt sitting at his side since he could not close it. Of course, this was not safe for him. I assume he did not want to make a fuss and ask a second time. To ask again would have drawn attention to the fact that he needed more seatbelt. He did not ask again.

After taking off, I noticed that my seat was broken and asked if one of the flight attendants could help me fix it. I figured I would push the button and she would pull. It was extremely uncomfortable as it was (broken) and I was facing almost three hours to New York City. Instead the "help" made it much worse — the flight attendant pulled my seat way forward and it somehow locked, so that I felt and looked like a folded sandwich for the flight. Needless to say, it was extremely uncomfortable for three hours. I was better off before we "fixed" my seat. By the time we arrived in New York, I had a backache from being folded forward.

After the flight attendant's attempted "fix" of the seat, and since my face was then practically permanently pushed into the seat pocket in front of me, I took a look at their magazine in the seat pocket. It was hard to miss the magazine now that my seat was folded "forward" into the pocket. I noticed that American Airlines call its in-flight magazine, The American Way. I have tongue in cheek thoughts about that choice of name.

Yes, I am lucky to have arrived safely and yes, my inconvenience is trivial compared to the hardship around the world. The best example this week of real hardship and problems are the tsunami victims. My airline ride is so minor compared to REAL problems of the world. But, if an airline is sloppy about the cosmetics — the things I can see — it scares me to think of other parts of the plane I don't see.

P.S. If you are a mechanic and work for an airline, please send me an e-mail — ontherecord@foxnews.com — and let me know whether I should worry and how much. Are corners are being cut when it comes to maintenance and safety?

Now for some of your e-mails — randomly grabbed:

E-mail No. 1

To whom it may concern: Greta's show would be so much better if she would let her guests talk and finish their opinion or stories before Greta so rudely interrupts them. So many times I never get to hear the rest of what her guests has to say. To me, if she is going to cut them off with her comments on a subject, then why does she even bother to have them on?
Ruth Ellis

E-mail No. 2

I don't understand how anyone can look up to someone such as Amber Frey — she met a man and on the 1st day of meeting him she went to bed with him, no matter what kind of a liar or sweet talker he was (which had nothing to do with her putting out on the 1st meeting) she still did the immoral thing and help to put herself in this mess.
She was totally wrong to talk and tape conversations with Scott, act like his best friend and he didn't even know that it was being done. How can the police be involved with something like this and get by with it, isn't this a criminal thing to do (against the law)?
The smiles of Gloria, her attorney, was MONEY smiles from the book and movie (CBS) deal — that is all Gloria has ever had in mind. Any attorney would smile at these dealings — lots of $$$$ coming her way, because after all, she made no money for being her attorney before or during the trial. She needs to look at herself in the mirror when she talks and she will know how she comes across to me. Not professional.
Amber Frey had a baby less than a 1 year after Scott Peterson was jailed, she must have been easy for the baby's father too, as she was for Scott. I would not want my daughter to act or resemble anyone like her. I would not want my granddaughter to look up to her, now or before.
I am very tired of turning on the TV and seeing or hearing about her interviews from all the big named news reporters, this shows what this world is coming to. Don't you all have someone better to interview than a cheap woman wanting/going to make a dollar off her criminal activity. This is what she had in mind when she came on TV and told the world about her cheap affair with a married man, even if she didn't know he was married at the 1st meeting, she knew it with in 4 dates, that is all she had with him, how can she feel so good about what she has done.
This is disgusting, Amber Frey is not a role model for any woman and I resent that any of you call her that, she is not my role model... what a shame!
Penny Schlack
Warner Robins, GA

E-mail No. 3

I'm all for Amber writing her book and am pleased that she stepped up to the plate to help cull information about Scott Peterson, that she testified against him, and respected the gag order. However, I am disappointed in her and Gloria for allowing Laci's picture to be included in the cover of Amber's book without the expressed consent of Sharon Rocha, and for putting out the book so soon after the trial. Amber's no better than Scott in the sense that she could barely wait for the end of something to come before she began this endeavor, i.e., Scott couldn't even wait until after Laci's vigil to pursue Amber.
I do not buy "It happened very quickly," as Amber's explanation of when the book was first considered and conceived. I am an amateur writer, and despite an excellent memory, it took me quite some time to write my high school memoirs. Also, Amber's memory is being faded by Gloria's influence. (Amber couldn't remember a specific part of her conversation with Sharon Rocha, yet Gloria raved in other interviews about Amber's excellent memory.)
Lastly, can't Amber separate herself from Gloria? The trial is over. The book is finished. I can understand her requiring Gloria's continued services for such things, but she should have the ability to appear on shows without looking at Gloria every five seconds, and every time a question is asked. Can't Amber even go to the bathroom without Gloria? Geez.
Thank you for this opportunity to speak.

E-mail No. 4

Dear Greta,
I'm not scared of your big bad boogie man/FOX weatherman! Greta, Texas always gets vicious weather and tornados!
Peter Cornwell
Austin, TX

ANSWER: Peter, I have enormous respect for Mother Nature. She does not negotiate and she does exactly what she wants to do. So I do not mess with her or insult her. She has the upper hand.

E-mail No. 5

Dear Greta,
I watched your show tonight and you all cannot stand knowing Amber is writing a book for money. Well, didn't you get your job on TV after the O.J. SIMPSON case? We didn't know you before that case.
Well, I figure if you can get your own show on TV, then Amber is entitled to write a book about what she did which was very brave. At least she did something to put a guy in prison for his crime and you wanted O.J. not to go and his blood everywhere. We all know you were for Peterson's attorney, not for the prosecutors in this case. So please, Amber deserves to sell a book.
Thank you,

ANSWER: Susan, I won't respond to your insults — except one. To say I was "for the Peterson's attorney, not for the prosecutors" shows that you have a fundamental misunderstanding about our system of justice and me.

First, I am not "for murder" — get that straight. It is that plain. Second, trials are not "sporting events" where we "pick" teams. Perhaps from England you confuse our constitutional rights and the Rules of Evidence with "picking" sides. What I want is simple: A fair trial, consistent with the Constitution and the Rules of Evidence. At the end I want justice done the right way — every American I know wants the same.

What separates our great nation from others is a profound interest in fair trials — that is why our Constitution has rights and demands enforcement of them. Our goal: fair trials and, after convictions, get the convicted OFF the street and punished. Maybe you are myopic and "pick a team" in criminal matters — I don't. I actually wait for the evidence.

As an aside, while I defer to the jury and it is only their decision that matters, I believe Peterson guilty. I heard the evidence — I was in court — I did not sit across the ocean writing insulting e-mails.


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