Unsealed Jacko Docs Contradict Case

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Unsealed Jacko Docs Contradict Case

Tomorrow will not be a happy day in the Michael Jackson legal world.

That's because a judge in Los Angeles County Superior Court will likely unseal all the documents in the civil suit filed last February by Marc Schaffel against Jackson for breach of contract and non-repayment of money lent to the singer.

Schaffel says Jackson owes him more than $3 million.

The big problem for the former King of Pop in this case, I am told, is the detailed accounting Schaffel kept of money spent on the Arvizo family in Jackson's recent child molestation case.

The numbers that helped absolve Jackson of his conspiracy charge will cut against him in this case. Schaffel has lots and lots of specific records that show how Jackson moved money around.

Even more importantly: A cross-complaint filed by Jackson's attorney around April 25 of this year will show dozens of statements and claims that are conflicting and contradictory with other statements made in criminal court at the same time, sources tell me.

The civil case is handled by Brian Oxman, who was publicly fired from the criminal case by Jackson defense attorney Thomas Mesereau. This could add one more clue as to why Oxman got the boot.

A lot of evidence in the criminal case presented by the Santa Barbara County District Attorney Tom Sneddon's office was based on testimony given by Las Vegas attorney David Le Grand, who was one of the most boring witnesses to pass through the Santa Maria courthouse.

But Le Grand's testimony in the child molestation trial is said to have been thoroughly different from what was submitted by Oxman at the exact same time in the Schaffel case.

"There are many conflicting statements," a source said.

This includes statements concerning money Oxman and Jackson claim were made by Neverland Valley Entertainment — the company Jackson and Schaffel co-owned — and how much they were paid for videos broadcast on FOX.

Among the contradictions is Oxman's claim that Elizabeth Taylor was paid with $670,000 in jewels for signing a waiver to appear in the videos. In the criminal case, it was only claimed that the jewelry was worth $600,000.

There are also specific references to millions of "missing dollars" that kept coming up in the criminal case.

Ironically, the financial information offered in the criminal case turned out to be meaningless to the jury. But now that it's on record, it may prove to be helpful to Schaffel and hurtful to Jackson.

Katie's Best Friend Remains M.I.A.

Last summer Katie Holmes had a best friend.

Her name was Meghann Birie. Meghann was even featured in an "MTV Diary" special that was shot in Katie's hometown of Toledo, Ohio, to promote the movie "First Daughter."

Now, according to reports from the Toledo Blade, Birie has not seen Holmes since last Christmas. When Holmes became engaged to Tom Cruise in Paris about 10 days ago, Birie got a message on her voicemail.

My sources say that prior to the Cruise episode, Birie was often in Holmes' presence and Holmes was frequently in Toledo or New York with close friends from her hometown. Not anymore.

No Cross-Examination for Princess Di and JFK Jr.

A new book purports that Princess Diana and John F. Kennedy Jr. had an affair and that Diana tried cocaine, among other things. The book is making great tabloid headlines in Britain and is certainly getting a lot of attention around the world.

Of course, this is the perfect scenario for a tabloid biography, isn't it? Diana and Kennedy are dead and there is no one to answer for them.

The fact that most of this is preposterous and the rest is ridiculous can't be disproved. The author might as well advance a theory about Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley as the parents of James Dean.

Of course, Princess Di continues to be fodder to sell papers in England. When the news is slow, it's time to trot out another story about her.

But John Kennedy Jr.? You have to feel bad for his family. His life was snuffed out by a terrible accident. His family had already endured more than enough tragedies.

Hopefully they have a sense of humor about these stories, but it must be hard.