University of Georgia Student: Professor Accused of Triple Murder 'Cold Hearted'

The University of Georgia professor on the lam after allegedly shooting his wife and two other men was described by a former student as "cold hearted" and "nasty," according to

A second person called 57-year-old George Zinkhan a "creep" on the Web site, which allows college students to read and write peer reviews of their teachers at universities across the country.

"Witty guy, some information useful," the first student wrote. "But he demonstrated himself to be cold hearted and just plain nasty when I needed help. Stay away from this man."

"Thinks he's Einstein or something. Creep," the second one said of the marketing professor.

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Police believe that Zinkhan shot his wife, 47-year-old Marie Bruce, along with 40-year-old Tom Tanner and Ben Teague, 63, at a community theater near the University of Georgia's Atlanta campus.

The three were members of a local theater group and were meeting when Zinkhan shot them.

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"Holy Jesus," one person yelled in a 911 call. "Yeah, I was there, and he shot three people."

"He shot three people?" the 911 dispatcher said.

"Yes," the caller replied. "Um, two, two, two gunshots to one man. … It looks like one to the chest and another …"

Though the motive remains a mystery, Athens-Clark Police Station Capt. Clarence Holman told The Oak Ridger newspaper in Tennessee that Zinkhan, 57, argued with his wife before opening fire and may have shot Teague when he "tried to calm the situation."

Teague was shot three times in the arm before being shot a fourth, fatal time in the chest, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Authorities are still searching for Zinkhan and believe he may have left the country for the Netherlands.

Friends and associates are baffled by the rampage.

Zinkhan's two children with Bruce are with relatives.

Funeral arrangements have been set for the three victims.

A service for Bruce is planned for 11 a.m. Thursday at Warren Baptist Church in Augusta, Ga. A memorial service for Teague is scheduled for 11 a.m. Friday at the University of Georgia.

Bernstein Funeral Home of Athens is handling arrangements for Tanner and said the family has asked that details be kept private.

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