Uncle Sam to the Rescue

So let me see if I have this right: Now the United Nations needs us. Not in Iraq, where it argued, we shouldn't go. But in Liberia (search), where it argues, we should go.

Liberia is a mess and needs to be stabilized, the U.N. says. Funny, Iraq was a mess but apparently didn't need to be stabilized, the U.N. said.

But why quibble over the details. The administration is indeed sending at least 1,000 G.I.s to Liberia -- maybe double that number down the road.

It’s part of a global peacekeeping force that needs some clout and we just provided it.

We could have bickered and dithered and ignored. We could have said, to hell with your request. But we didn't.

We could have ignored the desperate pleas from Liberians looking to end a civil war that's already claimed hundreds of lives. But we didn't.

We could have been vindictive and said to the French and Germans, who led this request by the way, "You didn't do diddly for us, we ain't doing diddly for you." But we didn't. No, we recognized the greater good by doing some good. So it’s Uncle Sam to the rescue… again.

You know, there are a lot of people who criticize this country, but we're always there when they need this country.

Yes, we do a lot of things wrong, but when everything hits the fan, we do one thing right: We calm, protect and save people.

Sometimes I wonder why we do anything for fair weather friends, who hate us one moment and then dizzily come running to us the next.

Then I look back in our history and I realize the answer: It’s because we've done the exact same thing before, time and time again.

That’s not bad for a country the world loves to hate, until the world is too scared to move.

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