Have a great Memorial Day (search) and I hope Steve's work on the USS JFK will help you keep the true spirit of the holiday in the forefront of your thoughts. It's about the men and women of today and yesterday who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our country, which I'm sure you are thankful for everyday. Aside from Steve's great work with the sailors Friday we also managed to spend quality time on a few topics that resonated well with you, the "FOX & Friends" viewer.

The No. 1 topic amongst e-mailers was the use of Tom DeLay's (search) name on "CSI." They used his name in a linkage with a storyline ripped from the headlines about a judge being killed. Of course they had to describe the killer as a right wing extremist and intimated he was wearing a Tom DeLay T-shirt. The majority leader sent off a letter to NBC and many in our audience were outraged that the network accused Mr. DeLay of trying to deflect his critics from his own woes. Hey, if it's a fictional story line, why use a real name?

I don't want to bore you with filibuster talk, but just know it looks like the party peace has been shattered and John Bolton (search) is paying the price. Many of you are angry at Senator John McCain for cutting the side deal that prevented the nuclear option vote and you let us know via the e-mail after his Wednesday appearance. I still recommend you watch the A&E movie on his life and/or buy his book. He is, if nothing else, real and does not mind taking anyone on. For example, he's going to bat for John Bolton and says stem cell research is too complex for him to get a handle on to make an opinion. He has to address it soon, but how many senators say, "I'm not sure?" or "I don't understand?" My answer is not many.

I am grateful to the senator because he gave me time for my book always hops on the radio with me when I fill in for the great Tony Snow and provides insight into the great steroid debate. We also share a love of boxing and he's taken action to make it safer for the fighter.

Next week on "FOX & Friends" we have many surprises, including an in studio appearance from "American Idol" winner Carrie and one of the world's best soccer strikers, Michael Owen. And if you'd like a signed copy of "The Games Do Count" — the best and brightest on the power of sports — go to www.briankilmeade.com. I'll sign and send to you for Father's Day, birthdays or graduation.

Have a special weekend and make sure to watch Julian, Juliet and Mike this weekend from 7-10 a.m. ET.


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