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Thursday night we’ll air part of an interview I taped in New York City on Monday.

For 10 years O.J. Simpson (search) has denied publicly — but apparently not to all — that he was at Nicole Brown Simpson's home the night of June 12, 1994. As you know, June 12, 1994 was the day she and Ron Goldman were murdered.

Mike Gilbert, who has worked with Simpson for more than 10 years handling his autograph business and who has remained "loyal" to Simpson throughout the years, sat down for an interview with me. This is his first television interview. Among other things, Gilbert says Simpson admitted his presence that night at Nicole's home to him. Gilbert also "explains" what Simpson thinks about the murders. Gilbert says much more that you can see tonight and Friday night — the interview will air in two parts.

Gilbert is the ultimate "insider" — he knew and worked with Simpson before the murder, spent time staying at his house during the trial, has worked with him since the trial and continues to have almost daily contact with him. Simpson still signs autographs and people still buy them.

If you followed the trial and its aftermath carefully, you will also recognize his name as being the person who "hid" the Heisman trophy after the civil trial when Fred Goldman was seeking Simpson's assets to satisfy his civil judgment of more than $30 million.

And for those of you who say you already know Simpson was at Bundy that night, you will still want to watch this interview. You will hear and see things about this murder, individuals, and Simpson that you have not heard.

Click the video links above and listen to some of that interview that we will show tonight and tomorrow night.


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