UCLA Professors Predict Where Bin Laden Is Hiding

Professors claim to have pinpointed the three most likely structures where Usama bin Laden and his gang are hiding, ABC News reports.

The geography professors at UCLA used theories like those used to predict how animals distribute themselves and predicted the location of bin Laden.

Through an extensive process of elimination, professors Thomas Gillepsie and John Agnew concluded that bin Laden likely is in Parachinar, a small city in the Kurram region of Pakistan, ABC News reports.

From there, Gillepsie and Agnew used their set of life history characteristics to predict the building where the terrorist would hide in, according to the ABC News report, which notes that among the factors considered were bin Laden's preference for a small number of bodyguards and for locations protected from aerial view.

Using these clues, the professors narrowed down bin Laden's possible hideouts to three structures in Parachinar — two residential buildings and one prison-like building with a well-maintained garden.

Gillepsie and Agnew hope that intelligence agencies may test their theory by closely monitoring the three structures.

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